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Zombie Attack - A Minecraft-Like 3D Shooter Game

Zombie Attack is a 3D shooter game that is set in a world where zombies have taken over. The game is developed using the Three.js library, a popular JavaScript library for creating 3D graphics and animations. The Three.js library provides a rich and interactive environment for players to explore and battle against zombies. This article will take a closer look at Zombie Attack and what makes it a unique and exciting game experience.

Development with Three.js

The development of Zombie Attack using the Three.js library offers numerous benefits for the game's development and player experience. Three.js provides a user-friendly and flexible framework for creating and maintaining 3D graphics, making it possible to create a detailed and immersive world for players to explore. The Three.js library also supports a range of features, such as dynamic animations and interactive environments, that can be used to create a more engaging gaming experience for players.

Zombie Generation with Open AI

In addition to being developed using the Three.js library, Zombie Attack also utilizes the capabilities of Open AI. Specifically, Chat GPT Open AI is used as a Zombie generating assistant, providing players with an endless stream of zombies to battle against. This is done by training Chat GPT Open AI on a range of information and data, allowing it to generate unique and challenging zombies for players to battle against. This makes each playthrough of Zombie Attack a unique and exciting experience, as players never know what to expect from the zombies they encounter.

Gameplay and Features

Zombie Attack is a first-person shooter game that takes place in a Minecraft-like world. Players control a character who must battle against zombies and other enemies, using weapons and other tools to defend themselves. The game features a range of weapons, from guns and knives to explosives and traps, providing players with a variety of ways to defend themselves. In addition to battling against zombies, players can also explore the world and collect resources, building shelters and fortifications to protect themselves from the zombie horde.

The world of Zombie Attack is randomly generated, meaning that each playthrough of the game is unique. The use of Chat GPT Open AI as a Zombie generating assistant also ensures that each playthrough is different, as the zombies generated by the AI are different each time. The combination of randomly generated worlds and unique zombies makes Zombie Attack a game that is highly replayable, providing players with a different experience each time they play.


Zombie Attack is a Minecraft-like 3D shooter game that is developed using the Three.js library and assisted by Chat GPT Open AI as a Zombie generating assistant. The use of Three.js provides a rich and interactive environment for players to explore and battle zombies, while the use of Chat GPT Open AI ensures that each playthrough of the game is unique and exciting. With its Minecraft-like world, first-person shooter gameplay, and endless stream of zombies, Zombie Attack is a game that offers a unique and thrilling gaming experience for players.

Shane 3D Interactive: A hub for Three.js powered 3D Games and Apps

Shane 3D Interactive is a site dedicated to showcasing the power and capabilities of the Three.js library in the development of 3D games and apps. Three.js is a popular JavaScript library for creating 3D graphics and animations in the web browser, and the site features a range of games and applications that have been built using the library.

The site offers a wealth of exciting 3D games and apps that demonstrate the capabilities of Three.js, from first-person shooters and action games to interactive experiences and educational applications. Whether you are a gamer looking for an immersive experience, or a developer seeking inspiration for your next project, Shane 3D Interactive is the perfect place to start.

All of the games and apps hosted on Shane 3D Interactive are developed using Three.js, and they take full advantage of the library's powerful features and capabilities. From the smooth animations and detailed graphics, to the intuitive controls and engaging gameplay, the games and apps hosted on the site are sure to impress and inspire.

Whether you are a seasoned Three.js developer, or just starting out, Shane 3D Interactive is the perfect place to explore the possibilities of the library. The site is constantly being updated with new games and apps, so be sure to check back often to see what's new.